Zentrick Ad Engine Demo

The Ad Engine allows you to take existing video creative and—without manual work—transform it into a more valuable and engaging experience. The added value can be controlled using basic configuration options and can be both visual (e.g. interactive overlay) and non-visual (e.g. analytics.)


1. Link to existing ad

In order to enhance an existing ad with additional functionality, we always need to start with a link to an original ad.

Test in Flash or HTML5

2. Choose an ad format

The next step is to select which kind of functionality you want to add on top of your existing ad.

Sliding Image Banner (ID: xC3Ct3)
Custom (Enter your own Publication ID)

3. Configure the selected ad format

Finally, every ad format can have its own set of specific settings. The settings below are for the ad format with the Zentrick Publication ID xC3Ct3.”


Open link

Using Google’s Video Suite Inspector

Google’s Flash VPAID tester
Google’s HTML5 VPAID tester